The concept of prophethood, coeval with the first man, Adam, is one that represents the guidance of human beings, themselves the core of macrocosm, the universe. History has shown us that people are in need of Prophets as guides; many prophets have been sent to us from the day of Adam until today. Allah has sent Prophets to us as He does not leave humans alone and aimless. The last prophet who completed the deen (religion), “the last brick in the edifice of prophethood”, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), has been the most remarkable cause for the receptions of blessings from Allah. In addition to the exceptional personal characteristics of Prophet Muhammad, the responsibility that he shouldered for all of mankind makes it incumbent on all to respect him. He never hesitated to make sacrifices to convey the divine message and he also presented this message in accordance with the different worldviews and emotions of the addressees. This characteristic placed the Messenger of Allah at the focal point of respect and love for all times.