Dear, True Brothers!

From your letter we espied a ray from the sun of Islam; we understood that the Risale-i Nur, which has appeared to repair the damage caused to Islam over hundreds of years by the aggressive ideas of the disbelievers, is now spreading among the young people. Lovers of truth travelling the road to eternal life are giving up the empty words of fantasy to annihilate together with the Risale-i Nur the seeds of disbelief. Your letters spur us on to greater efforts. The Risale-i Nur, a Qur'anic commentary, tells us that it is the utmost stupidity at this time to remain in misguidance and not to struggle against unbelief. The most urgent task now when communism, anarchy, and freemasonry are all gaining strength is to serve the Risale-i Nur and to give it to those seeking it, so as to win divine pleasure. Even the severest attacks of those who want make us renege on this most important, worthy, and necessary duty of ours will only further fire our enthusiasm. The Risale-i Nur teaches us with proofs the following:

This world is a guest-house. Those seeking eternal life are gratified to the extent they work diligently at their duties in the guest-house. This means that our chief duty is to race to assist the followers of religion who want to be saved from the bog, whose parched hearts are choking on the darkness. And starting with ourselves to act as heralds of the Risale-i Nur. It is of supreme importance to continuously, attentively, and reflectively read the Risale-i Nur, to equip ourselves with the truths of the Qur'an and belief it contains, and in this way to gain a complete knowledge of it as quickly as possible. Everyone who receives this supreme bounty becomes tremendously useful for himself, his nation, and his country. He may become capable of serving both his country, and his nation, and youth, and the Islamic world. We are requesting the prayers of foremost our Master Bediuzzaman, and of you, who are worthy to be his true, sincere students, so that we may search, find, and acquire the books of the Risale-i Nur, read them carefully, reflectively, and with sincere intention, and hasten to serve the Qur'an and belief in this way. The evidences for the Risale-i Nur' s acceptability are so numerous, it is natural that all our fair-minded believing brothers should assist in its service.

Also, since the Risale-i Nur bears characteristics that look to this age in particular; and since it has been applauded by thousands of scholars; and since the champion Ustad Bediuzzaman acted as herald of the Qur'an, and incomparably, honestly, and with sound, true principles, dedicated his life to Islam and belief, seeking God's pleasure alone and eschewing all worldly benefits; and since the Risale-i Nur students also serve belief and Islam according to Sunni beliefs with all their lives and strength and seek no personal interests of any kind; and since hundreds of thousands of its students have proved this fact despite all the persecution and threats; and since all of them have been trained to reply logically and correctly to all the current false ideas of philosophy; and since the Qur'an answers all our needs and contains explicitly all the truths necessary for us; and since the Qur'an is the finest gift of Almighty God, and His light and mercy; it is true worship and a source of pleasure to read the Risale-i Nur attentively, continuously, and reflectively, since it teaches us about that treasury of divine mercy and source of truth in a way everyone may understand. It is a most effective panacea and remedy for us youths which affords true pleasure, and is a saviour. Not to embrace the Risale-i Nur with all our strength in the face of all these established facts, and not to study it in its entirety, could only be the result of heedless apathy.

Any true seeker after truth is bound to heed the Risale-i Nur's lessons. And any illumined person who follows it is bound to attain true happiness and comprehend the true nature of things. We Ankara students of the Risale-i Nur agree unanimously about this. Proceeding from the Qur'an's light, which points to the treasury of eternal life, the Risale-i Nur's silvery voice shall one day ring out all over the world.

According to a Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH), so long as they do not fall prey to worldly desires, Islamic scholars are the sure heirs of the prophets. We know the Risale-i Nur to be a true heir of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Its collective personality follows the principles of true heirdom. The blind, deaf, and soulless idiots which oppose it shall be humiliated. With supreme sense, the Risale-i Nur will have as its students all philosophers and scholars, and all people of sound mind and noble heart. This is not far away, God willing, and will happen soon. As many of those scholars have said, the world is on the threshold of a new formation; it is searching for light. Alluding to this, the poet Mehmed Akif wrote:

"Now send that light, O God, long ages have passed;

This dispirited nation seeks the horizons of dawn."

Risale-i Nur Students at Ankara University

The Staff of Moses