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Task: Listen about new mobile devices and complete the information.

A) Manufacturer: ______________

It has two _________________: it is not only a mobile phone but can also be attached to a ________or an____________________

B) Manufacturer:______________

It has a protective device for the____________ and has room for both a ____________________and a____________________

C) Manufacturer: ________________

The phone is a____________________ feature. This suggests mobile phones could be designed to perform______________________ in the future.

D) Manufacturer: ________________

When open, it has a_________________ mobile phone keypad. They modelled its____________________ on a digital camera.


Task 1: Explain in English what means:
f) to sue __________________________________________________ _________________

g) nanotechnology

__________________________________________________ _________________

h) to upload

__________________________________________________ _________________

i) a billboard

__________________________________________________ _________________

j) an advert

__________________________________________________ _________________

Task 2: Find synonyms:



Task 1: Read the text
Spending on advertising is up again and is expected to grow this year by 4.7 per cent to $343 billion. How will the money be spent? There are plenty of alternatives to straightforward advertising. They range from public relations to direct mail and include consumer promotions (such as special offers), in-store displays, business-to-business promotions (like paying a retailer for shelf space), telemarketing, exhibitions, sponsoring events, product placements and more. These have become such an inseparable part of the industry that big agencies are now willing to provide most of them.
If we speak about a potential market for mobile communication, another approach in advertising is to encourage people to use their existing phones more than they do at the moment. Third-generation networks, which will offer lots of extra capacity, will lead to lower prices and, the industry hopes, more phone calls. Similarly, there is much excitement about “fixed-mobile convergence”, a technology that allows people to use their mobile handsets to make cheap calls at home over fixed-line networks – again it hoped, boosting usage. Extending mobile coverage, so that subscribers can make calls wherever they are, is another tactic of advertising. Coverage is already available in underground railway networks in many cities, and within two years it will be extended into what is many people’s last remaining phone-free environment: aeroplanes.
Task 2: Find words and phrases in paragraph 1 and match them with their meanings (1-6).

  1. trade fairs and shows______________________
  2. promotional price reductions______________________
  3. featuring a product in a film or TV programme______________________
  4. publicity material delivered to homes______________
  5. communication with press______________________
  6. selling to customers over the phone____________________________

Task 3: Answer the questions (don’t cite the text):

  1. What can lead to the boosting usage of mobile phones?
  2. What is another tactic of adverting on the potential market for mobile communications?

Task 1: Indicate if the relative clauses are defining or non-defining. Add commas where necessary.
4. The office that the team of US and Chinese scientists were working in was broken into last night.
5. The thieves who tried to make it look like a simple burglary stole computers containing plans, diagrams and specifications for a technology named Butler.
6. Butler which will allow anyone who has a TV to access the internet was top-secret because of its commercial potential.
7. The research was being done in conjunction with the University of Buffalo and the visiting professors who recently arrived from China.
8. The American Society for Industrial Security whom they commissioned to do a study said the potential losses for all industry could amount as much as $63 billion.
Task 2 : Gerunds and infinitives. Complete the text with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.
For many years, scientists have had visions of (build)__________ the smart, fully automated home, which contains fridges that are able (suggest)______________ recipes for the ingredients inside them and cupboards that have no difficulty in (order)____________ groceries before they run out. People have dreamed that one day they could afford (buy) ____________ internet-capable kitchen appliances. So why haven’t we managed (make) the dream a reality yet? (Have)_________wireless network would seem to be the answer, and Nokia hopes (turn) _________ its phones into universal remote devices, (mean) ___________ the ream come true sooner than we think.


Task: Write a composition, expressing your ideas about the following statement (120 words):
In some countries, more and more people are prepared to litigate either against business or professional people. Is this a good thing or not? Do you think this will benefit society in the long term? What cases do you know of involving litigation?
Use obligatory these words: settlement, damages, plaintiff, fee, judge, lawsuit, legal action, attorney, litigant, trigger.