Ingilizce ögretmenlerinin kullanabilecegi univ duzeyinde ingilizce testler.

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Task: Listen to an extract from a briefing session about setting up a corporate website and answer the questions.
1) What is the main objective of the website?
2) What areas do the IT experts need to answer questions about?
3) What will recent questionnaires be used for?
4) Which two departments are roles assigned to?
5) What does each of these departments have to do?


Task: Explain in English what means:
a) to download __________________________________________________ _________________

b) attorney

__________________________________________________ _________________

c) damages (in law)

__________________________________________________ _________________

d) litigate

__________________________________________________ _________________

e) a chart

__________________________________________________ _________________


Task 1: Indicate if the relative clauses are defining or non-defining. Add commas where necessary.
1. The office that the team of US and Chinese scientists were working in was broken into last night.
2. Butler which will allow anyone who has a TV to access the internet was top-secret because of its commercial potential.
3. The research was being done in conjunction with the University of Buffalo and the visiting professors who recently arrived from China.
Task 2: Gerunds and infinitives. Complete the text with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.
For many years, scientists have had visions of (build)__________ the smart, fully automated home, which contains fridges that are able (suggest)______________ recipes for the ingredients inside them and cupboards that have no difficulty in (order)____________ groceries before they run out. People have dreamed that one day they could afford (buy) ____________ internet-capable kitchen appliances. So why haven’t we managed (make) the dream a reality yet? (Have)_________wireless network would seem to be the answer, and Nokia hopes (turn) _________ its phones into universal remote devices, (mean) ___________ the ream come true sooner than we think.


Task: Write a composition, expressing your ideas about the following statement (120 words):
Nanotechnology is believed to invent new technological products in the future. What do you know about this science, what kind of product does in invent, what is the aim of this science?
Use obligatory these words: precise, to fit, saturated, appliance, consumer, margin